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Physics Study Materials Needed To Conduct Online Classes

By August 14, 2021October 13th, 2021Online Physics Classes

Schools and universities increasingly require their instructors to be equipped to conduct online classes, regardless whether it is for Physics or other subjects. These are list of essential materials and equipment you will need to have.

(a) A good laptop with office productivity software installed for effective lessons

You do not need a gaming laptop with an ultra high refresh rate monitor. All you need is a basic laptop that can handle both Zoom and Skype, and that comes with Ms Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Your laptop must also have a high speed ethernet port or a good Intel Wifi 6 (capable of the 802.11ax standard)  card installed in order to be able to establish reliable internet connections.

The reason why I recommend using a laptop rather than a desktop is because of the battery of the laptop provides uninterruptible power supply. This has proven crucial to me in the past, when my home suffered a blackout and I had to continue the Physics tuition lesson with the laptop in the dark.

(b)  A location with good Wi-Fi or a good ethernet connection for non-interruptive Physics lessons

When you are streaming your Physics tuition lesson, a good internet connection is important in preventing unnecessary lagging or disruption the class. A 2.5Gbps ethernet connection is the best, but that could be disrupted in the event that your router or modem gets shut off due to a power interruption. Using your phone as a mobile hotspot is a viable alternative that provides protection against power outages and although mobile connectivity is slower than a fast ethernet connection, your students will not notice the difference unless you are trying to stream high quality videos.

(c)  A drawing tablet and whiteboard software for writing of Physics explanation

Drawing tablets are absolutely essential as they provide the means for you to write legibly on-screen and for your writing and annotations to be visible to all students in real time. With the use of whiteboard software and a drawing laptop, your student will feel no different from attending an on-site Physics tuition lecture.

(d)  Good oratory skills of Physics tutors

Granted, this last requirement is not a hardware requirement. However, good oratory skills are needed in order to keep the audience engaged, especially in an online Physics tuition lecture where it is easier for students to become distracted by their personal environments.