Physics Home Tuition

We have also branched out to providing home tutoring services for Physics due to the numerous  enquires made by parents who prefers tutors to coach their children at the comfort of their own home. Ever since its establishment a couple of years back, our Home Tutoring services have received rave reviews from parents as we have successfully taught many students who went on to achieve good results over the years.

  • Weekly lessons with duration of 2 hours long
  • Highly customised lesson plan
  • Personalised attention
  • Huge improvements in grades
  • Most teachers possess 1st Class Honours degrees (ask for our certs)
  • Home tutors and Group Class tutors are the same
  • All classroom materials are supplied
  • Experienced Full-Time Tutors

Professional Full-Time Tutors

All of our teachers are teaching full-time and have of 7-15 years experience under their belt. Most of them are also scholarship holders and have achieved 1st Class Honours or went on to graduate studies. At the same time, they have also been registered with our Ministry of Education.

Improvement In Results

Students taught by us have experienced considerable improvements in their grades due to the personalised attention towards individual students where our teachers can identify and immediately work on the areas of weaknesses for each student. Under our intensive Physics curriculum, students will be gradually given questions of increasing difficulty as they progress in their Physics knowledge to provide a headstart amongst their school classmates.

Specialised Lesson Plans

Due to the 1-1 nature of home tutoring, lesson plans are carefully crafted to suit the individual needs of students. The pace of learning will also be adjusted accordingly where more time will be spent on the problem areas so that students will not fall behind in their school syllabus. Our tutors also provide the same lesson materials handed out to our group classes to maintain the quality of our lesson handouts.

1-to-1 Classrooms Available

If you feel that the home environment is not suitable for your children to learn in, we can offer alternative arrangements to have the 1-1 classes conducted at our classrooms. Rest assured that there are no additional fees for such arrangements (Advance notice to book the classrooms is required). Our classrooms are specially designed for students to pay attention during the lessons without external interference.

Find a Home Tutor

Speak to us (click the Whatsapp icon) or fill up your request below. We will respond (within 1 day) to help you find a suitable tutor.

Please also tell us your (1) location, (2) available days & time for classes (eg. Mon 3-7pm), and (3) briefly about your child’s personality.

    1-to-1 Classroom

    Home Tuition Fees

    Our fees vary for (1) Principal Teachers and (2) Standard Teachers.

    Principal Teachers: have at least 10 years of teaching experience and taught a broad spectrum of students over the course of their career. Majority of these teachers are 1st Class Honours degree holders and have been registered with the Ministry of Education. This explains the premium fees that our Principal Teachers can command.

    Standard Teachers: have between 5 and 10 years of teaching experience. All of them have at least a bachelor’s degree but are still proficient in Physics at both O or A levels.

    • Lessons are once a week, 2 hours long
    • Fees are collected every 1 month (4 lessons), and are collected 2-weeks in advance
    • One-time $40 registration fee & $60 materials fee for new students
    • Payment by cash, cheque, or ibanking (using PayNow or FAST transfer)
    • 1st month is considered a trial period, students may stop at anytime (unused class fees will be refunded)

    Standard Teacher Fees

    Primary 1-6

    $ 40-90/hr

    Per Month

    Secondary 1-4

    $ 60-110/hr

    Per Month

    JC 1-2

    $ 60-120/hr

    Per Month

    Main Teacher Fees

    Primary 1-6

    $ 70-110/hr

    Per Month

    Secondary 1-4

    $ 70-150/hr

    Per Month

    JC 1-2

    $ 90-170/hr

    Per Month

    Why is there a broad spectrum of fees for tutors? 

    There are a few contributing factors to the difference in fees between our Physics teachers. We take the individual qualifications and the number of years of teaching as well as students’ and parents’ feedback into account when deciding the rates. The better the qualifications and the more teaching experience a teacher has, the higher the rates will be. The 4 key aspects we look into include:

    • Number of years of teaching
    • Educational Qualifications of Teacher
    • Parents’ and students’ feedback
    • Student Performance

    (1) Student Performance

    Students who approach us for Physics tuition have only one end goal in mind, which is doing well in their examinations. Therefore, our teachers are tasked with ensuring their students will improve under their care. We monitor every student’s performance closely to make sure our teachers are doing a good job in helping students perform in examinations and achieving their desired grades. Teachers who have helped their students to achieve remarkable and consistent improvements in their grades will naturally enjoy higher fees.

    (2) Experience Level

    Ex-school teachers and teachers who have been teaching for at least 10 years in the educational industry will command higher fees. However, we do ensure that all our teachers have at least 5 years’ worth of teaching experience to ensure that the quality standards are maintained. Although we cannot conclude that more experienced teachers translate to more effective teaching, but we have observed a noticeable trend between seasoned teachers and their proficiency level.

    (3) Positive Reviews

    Our staff do call up parents to provide updates and receive feedback from parents often. During these conversations, we will check with them on the teacher’s (a) professionalism, (b) reliability, (c) initiative in follow ups with students, (d) preparedness and etc. Teachers who have constantly receive positive feedback on their work will be awarded with the corresponding renumeration.

    (4) Educational Qualifications

    Our group of teachers come from many of the prestigious universities both in Singapore and overseas. In fact, some of them have even been awarded with scholarships for their university studies. Scholarship holders and excellent results in their field of studies do play a part in the marginally higher fees that they receive.

    Home Tuition Students Results
    (2020 Exams)

    • 73% O-level students scored A1 or A2
    • 48% A-level students got an ‘A’

    *Figures only apply to students learning with us the entire academic year

    Physics Home Tuition Features

    • Focused and Personalised attention for Students
    • Tailor-made lesson plan
    • Great improvement in grades
    • Highly qualified tutors (many are 1st Class Honours)
    • Same comprehensive curriculum as centre classes
    • All learning materials are provided

    Lesson Breakdown

    Our teachers follow the same comprehensive curriculum as our centre classes to ensure that quality is not compromised. However, the additional benefits of our home tuition services allow for our teachers to modify and tweak the lesson plan according to the student’s pace of learning and individual needs. Each lesson is made up of (1) lecture based learning, (2) practice tutorials and (3) review of concepts and practice questions. Lecture based learning is meant to supplement concepts learnt and to cover any gaps in teaching by the school teachers. This is also the perfect time to clear any doubts that students may face for new topics covered in school. Practice tutorials and assignments are designed to identify areas of weakness exhibited by students in their own work. Review of these tutorials and assignments will allow our teachers to introduce problem solving techniques when dealing with questions that they are not well-versed in.

    Cirriculum Goals

    The idea of an excellent curriculum plan involves guiding students progressively in an engaging and relaxing way and outdo their peers for their Physics examination. The first lesson will include the assessment of the student’s current standards based on their past examination scripts. This is followed by devising a suitable lesson plan for the student from the identified areas of weakness. Our teachers will incorporate unique and interactive methodologies to make each lesson fun and enjoyable while still build a good Physics foundation for the student. This makes the lessons highly targeted and effective and students who are home-tutored by us will usually see greater improvement compared to centre classes.

    Class Handouts

    Our Obligation To You: Devotion & Reliability

    Our physics home tutors are highly qualified to deliver the same quality teaching to students in the comfort of their homes. We take the performance of every student seriously, regardless of home tuition or group classes. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands with our professional and effective home tutoring services.

    We view each student with utmost importance. From your initial phone conversation with us, we will proactively determine the specific needs of your children and provide the most suitable proposition. We are able to do so by conscientiously taking down the important aspects in the phone conversation and relay to our supporting staff to find the most suitable match amongst our team of tutors with your preferred timeslots and requirements. We may even get our teachers to give you a call if there is any technical clarifications for Physics that needs to be answered. We understand the concerns of every parent in finding a suitable home tutor for their child and will do our utmost to meet your expectations. From identifying the right tutor to the setting up of the first lesson and the subsequent customisation of the lesson plan, our support staff and teachers will be there to offer any assistance. Give us a call to see how we can help.

    Physics Cirriculum Planning

    Our Physics Teachers

    • Our team consists of more than 20 Physics tutors
    • A committee of Physics PhD and MOE teachers to plan our syllabus
    • All teachers are from top universities
    • Majority of them are 1st class honours degree holders (ask for our certificates)
    • All teachers have 5-18 years of teaching experience
    • We only accept teachers who are full-time with us

    Highly Qualified

    Over the years, we have been constantly looking out for the most qualified teachers to recruit them into our team. Our interview procedure is robust and meticulous when we invite teachers to join us. We have also established a feedback system with parents and students to ensure a fair evaluation of our teachers at least once every 3 months. There are several key elements that we pay attention to: professional conduct, accountability towards students and being conscientious towards children and parents alike.

    Very Experienced

    All our teachers need to attain a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience before they are considered by us. Our teachers on average have 7-15 years of experience, and this has allowed us to be one of the most sought after Physics tuition agency in Singapore. Our track record speaks for itself, as our highly proficient teachers are able to convey the lesson materials in a simple and effective way. We strongly believe that teachers need to be skilled at handling the different needs of individual students beyond just being competent in Physics itself. A good teacher-pupil relationship will go a long way in the successful education of any students who join us.

    Each Child is Supported by Our Entire Team

    We give credit to our entire team of hardworking staff for our success. Beyond our teaching staff, our support staff are working day and night to address any concerns faced by both parents and children. Each student is appointed with a suitable home tutor and a senior teacher to oversee with both the curriculum plan and the progression of the student. This partnership will help to ensure that the quality of lessons are upheld to professional standards. In the event of a tutor not feeling well, we have backup teachers ready to follow up with the affected lessons to achieve minimal disruptions to our students’ learning journey. Feel free to approach any of our staff at the Physics Lab to get your questions answered.

    Teacher-Parent Updates

    We understand that parents will be worried about their children’s academic progress. That is why we are committed to providing monthly updates to keep you informed on your child’s latest developments. For students who face issues during the lessons or when working on assignments, we may request for a face to face meeting with parents so that we can explain the situation and come up with the appropriate measures to ensure a smooth learning journey for the child. We are certain that direct conversation with parents is an important step to a child’s success in learning and excelling in their Physics examinations.

    Our Tuition Coordinators

    Speak With Us Today

    If you would like to ask about the possibility of home tuition, call us at 6475-0624 (we are open everyday, including public holidays). We will explain our Home Tuition programme works. Whether you want to know how to select a teacher, or whether you simply want to ask about our schedule, our tuition coordination team is here to help you.

    Whatsapp Group With Parents

    For every new student, our tutors will create a Whatsapp Group that involves both the parent and child to provide regular updates and to discuss any problems faced by students during the lessons. We realised that this makes students more engaged with the lessons and weekly assignments issued to them.

    Re-Join Goup Classes

    We are open to any of our home tutoring students to attend our centre classes once they have caught up with the syllabus. The perks of group classes include open group discussions in class and the possibility of learning from one another. Students may also enjoy the social interactions with their peers which may serve as positive peer pressure for them. Tuition rates for group classes also cost less than home tuition.

    Quarterly Parents Feedback

    Our staff at The Physics Lab will get in touch with all parents once every 3 months to gather feedback about the lessons and the teachers. This will also serve as evaluation of our teachers in terms of (1) responsiveness, (2) punctuality, (3) professionalism, (4) competency and etc. If needed, we will also replace the assigned tutor at your personal request.

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