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Physics Exam

How To Improve Your Memory For Physics Studies

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Memory work is essential not only in the humanities subjects, but also in math and science, such as Physics. There are many Physics formulae that have to be memorized as a formula sheet is not provided in exams. There are also specific problem solving strategies that have to be remembered. Even though rote learning is increasingly being de-emphasized, all academic subjects still require a certain amount of memorization. A student who is good at recalling will find it easier to adapt his knowledge and use it creatively.

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Top 5 Ways to Handle Stress Before a Physics Exam

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In Singapore, it is a common sight to see Singaporean stressed out across all age groups. For students, the stress that they face is managing a packed schedule filled with school work, CCA, additional enrichment classes that are non-academic in nature such as piano lessons and last but not least tuition classes for various subjects. 

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