Holiday Bootcamp (Sec4 Physics)

The Physics Lab will be conducting a 3-day Holiday Bootcamp in June. This bootcamp is suitable for students who are either struggling with Physics or are looking to strengthen their foundation in the subject. All topics found in Sec 3 and 4 syllabus will be covered during the sessions so that students can take the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of previous topics and to gain a head start on topics that have not been taught in school yet. Our goal is help students improve on their areas of weakness and gain confidence to score an A in their GCE O-level Physics examination.

Date & Location

  • On June TBA (Holidays), 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Location: Singapore Shopping Centre (near Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Bootcamp Programme

  • 3-Full Days of Highly Intensive Revision
  • Taught by our best teacher Dr Ng
  • Students can Expect a Significant Revision Headstart
  • Intervals with Fun & Exciting Physics Games
  • All Class Materials Provided
  • Snack & Refreshments Provided
Bootcamp Fees

  • $450.00 (Registrations before 20 May, 2022)
  • $500.00 (Registrations from 20 May,2022)

Delivered By Our Best Teachers

Our Head Teacher, Dr Ng, will be supported by other teaching staff to deliver the lessons to participating students. Dr Ng is well-known for his meticulous approach towards Physics concepts and students will be taught to break down the individual concepts into bite-sized pieces so that they can better absorb and understand complicated ideas from a bottom-up perspective. He will also educate students on how to formulate  an all-inclusive revision guide so that students can master Physics in half the time and with half the effort.

Intensive O-level Preparation

Our June Holiday Bootcamp is an intensive programme that helps students to master the basics of Physics in the shortest time possible so that they can score in their Physics O-level examination. It consists of topical lecture presentations, practice sessions and lastly a summary recap of everything that have been taught in the programme. The idea is to familiarise students with all the Physics theories first, followed by applying what was being taught onto practice questions from past year school or national examination papers. The summary recap section is to help students generate a study revision plan and clarify any questions students may have at the end of each day.

Fun Games, Friends & Tidbits

Students can look forward to some fun and games that will stimulate your senses and make learning more enjoyable over the course of these 3 days. These games will make use of Physics concepts to illustrate and bring Physics to life. In addition, you can also get to know your fellow classmates better during group discussions and gain a new-found friend. Light tidbits will also be given out on each day so that students can munch on something while learning in class. After the completion of the Holiday Bootcamp, we trust that you will be at the top of your game and score well in your GCE O-level Physics examination.

Join Our Bootcamp Now

Early registrants get $50 off (before 20-May).

To speak to us (1) click the Whatsapp icon or (2) fill in your details below. We will reply in 1 day. Feel free to ask us questions, we will be happy to help! Space is very limited due to safe-distancing. Talk to us today.

    2022 Bootcamp

    2022 Bootcamp Programme

    Our 2022 Bootcamp Programme will open before the June holidays are over. This Programme is designed to follow up with our Holiday Bootcamp and provide consistent practice and revision leading up to the GCE O-level examinations. Our teachers will examine each Physics topics in the examination syllabus in depth and if necessary, re-teach the more difficult topics from scratch. It is meant for students who have critical lack of understanding in Physics and Science as we also set aside time for personal one-to-one sessions after the lessons to specifically target areas of weakness in students. Lesson handouts and notes will also be customised so that students’ individual needs are catered to.

    Physics Topics Covered

    • Kinematics
    • Forces And Dynamics
    • Work Done, Energy And Power
    • Pressure
    • Wave, Light And Sound
    • Static Electricity
    • Electrical Current
    • D.C. Circuit
    • A.C. Circuit
    • Magnetism

    Bootcamp Objectives

    • Providing a Rapid Overview of All Major Physics Topics
    • Easy Ways to Remember Key Formulae
    • Techniques for Handling Easy-to-Difficult Practice Problems
    • Mastering Intensive Exam-Style Questions
    • Get Students To Plan Their Revision Schedule
    • Motivation, Support & Encouragement for Students

    Early Registration Fees (Before 20th May)

    $ 450.00

    Per Month

    Registration Fees (from 20th May onwards)

    $ 500.00

    Per Month

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