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Are Physics Zoom Lessons The New Normal?

By August 21, 2021October 13th, 2021Online Physics Classes, Physics Tuition Classes

I strongly believe that zoom lectures are the new normal. When educators learn how to deliver lectures with the same degree of effectiveness as in a traditional classroom setting, many students will want to attend classes remotely.

When we look at the current climate of online learning

Some students at local universities, for instance, have chosen to attend online lectures from their homes, even when they have the chance to meet lecturers face to face. An obvious concern arises: What if the student has queries or needs to discuss some issue with the lecturer? Does remote attendance inhibit interaction?

The short answer is yes, remote learning does reduce the opportunity for student-teacher interaction. Interaction with peers is also all but absent. There is also a lack of personal touch. However, students can still raise questions in the zoom chat and an effective lecturer will be able to allocate time to address them. More complex questions can be emailed to the lecturer. Zoom lecturers also do not preclude small group interactions or one-to-one meetings with the lecturer outside of lecture hours.

What are some of the disadvantages of having Physics zoom lessons?

Zoom lectures cannot replace certain group tuition classes, or workshops where there is a need for hands on interaction. But many students are opting to attend classes remotely wherever the option is available, indicating that they feel the online class is just as effective, or the convenience and comfort of home makes up for any perceived deficiencies.

Zoom lectures cannot be a substitute for traditional tuition classes, including one to one lessons, but there are some instances where students feel that if the lecturer is mainly delivering new content rather than guiding students through their revision, or if the class is a large one, there should be an option to attend lectures online. From personal experience, when this option is available, many students will take it.