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Questions to Ask your Physics Tutor

At times, when students are taking tuition for Physics, they may feel lost as to what to do or how to study. This article outlines some suggestions for students who are unsure where to begin and what to ask their tutor to improve in the subject of Physics.

Firstly, one possible strategy includes doing past year Physics papers and asking the tutor to go over questions the student is unsure of. If there is a certain target that the student can set for how many papers the student should complete per week, their exam preparation will go smoothly. Students should try and cover a certain topic by a certain time, depending on their skill level and understanding of the subject.

Another strategy to further a student’s understanding on a more specific level is to ask the tutor to teach a particular topic within the discipline of Physics. This can be done either from the ground-up (by explaining simple concepts) or by attempting past year questions which are sorted by topic. The student should be honest with the tutor about which parts or topics they lack understanding in. Asking for help is not a source of weakness, but a show of humility.

A further good question to ask your Physics tutor is what the tutor thinks the student lacks. Often, tutors are more observant than the student and can provide a birds-eye perspective of what the student lacks compared to other students. Healthy comparisons can be performed so that the student knows where he or she can improve in.

To conclude, students should ask their Physics tutors any questions they think is relevant. Full and frank disclosure of a student’s weaknesses and a desire to learn are important to ensure that the student makes the best of his or her additional learning.