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How To Make Full Use Of Home Based Learning For Physics

By July 31, 2021October 13th, 2021Online Physics Classes

The Ministry of Education had announced in December 2020 that students from secondary schools and junior colleges will have one day of home based learning every fortnight. This move signified that home based learning will gradually become an integral part of the Singapore school curriculum.

How can students make full use of home based learning to study Physics?

Many students have said that they find it harder to concentrate at home as there could be multiple distractions like noisy siblings, or simply because the home environment is too comfortable. Other students have said that they miss out on valuable peer to peer interactions during home based learning for Physics.

I agree with MOE that home based learning should be part and parcel of the local school curriculum.

Home based learning can be used to develop discipline and initiative. We need to teach our students to be independent learners when they are away from the school environment. In the home environment, students will need to be disciplined enough to keep track of their own work and read up on materials by themselves. This is true whether students are attending home based lessons either for school or for online Physics tuition classes.

If we want to inculcate in Singaporeans the habit of lifelong learning, then home based learning is an essential part of that process. When students grow up and go to work, we want them to continue the learning journey even amidst their busy schedules. Much of the learning in adult life will have to be conducted at homes and offices, and away from structured environments such as schools. That is why it is never too late to start students on online Physics tuition classes to allow them to get used to such a setting when they go on to work in the Singapore society.

What can we do to help students in their home based learning journey for Physics?

The Ministry of Education, on its part, should ensure that all students regardless of background have access to laptops and other technological devices to help them with home based learning, and that students who face difficulties at home should receive all the help they need.

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