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Why I Should Register Physics Supplementary Lessons For My Child?

By June 12, 2021September 8th, 2022Physics Tuition Classes

Over the years, as schools around Singapore start to shorten the duration of time spent in classrooms due to additional commitments such as co-curricular activities, the demand for tuition classes has also seen a corresponding increase, especially for hard subjects such as Physics tuition lessons.

Are Physics supplementary lessons effective?

The idea of such lessons as a means to supplement a child’s learning at school has therefore been cast in stone. Even supplementary classes that are designed to get students well prepared for inter-school competitions and quizzes have emerged with time.

To some, it may seem like such supplementary classes are frivolous as students are just studying the same Physics topics and content in school and students do not really gain too much additional knowledge in such Physics supplementary classes for example. What they do not know is that these lessons are not just another moniker for Physics tuition classes but actually help students explore the subject in greater detail. It not only strips away the boundaries stipulated by the school curriculum but also serves to motivate and aid students in gaining a genuine interest in the subject itself while teaching students how to be self-sufficient in their quest for more Physics knowledge.

For the subject of Physics tuition, the idea is to reinforce the knowledge that has been imparted to students and subsequently get them ready for their school tests or exams. The ideal category of students requiring Physics tuition will be those who tend to fall behind their peers or the pace of teaching, which could be traced back to students’ lack of attention or interest in the subject or sometimes even by no fault of the students due to their aptitude in the subject itself. These students will stand to benefit greatly from Physics tuition as they receive focused attention and guidance from the tutors who can help them to fill in any gaps in learning. This, however, does not mean that other students are not suitable as every student’s needs and demands are different, from those who just want to achieve a pass in the subject to those who wish to securely attain an A in Physics.

Advantages of Physics enrichment classes

On the other end of the spectrum, enrichment classes are meant to provide students with different perspectives while approaching the subject as well as some unconventional learning that deviates from the standard textbook learning methodologies. It is designed for students who are capable of handling the basic homework assignments and practice questions given by their Physics teachers in school and want some challenge to broaden their minds.

Therefore, being a parent, how are you able to determine whether Physics supplementary lessons will be useful for your children?

Firstly, the priority of these classes is not to handle school exams and score that A or distinction. It should only be taken up to further stimulate and satisfy your child’s thirst to learn more about the subject. Therefore, your child should not be coerced into attending one of these classes or feel stressed about it. If students already have their schedules filled with the usual tuition classes, parents should definitely think twice before signing their child up for supplementary lessons. That may have a counterproductive effect on the child and could lead to disinterest and a drop in their grades. At the end of the day, we want the best for our children and having them look forward to learn about the subject should be the ultimate learning experience.