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Why Physics Tuition Is On The Rise?

By May 22, 2021October 13th, 2021Online Physics Classes, Physics Tuition Classes

Physics is a niche science subject that students can choose to pick up on as a Science elective in upper secondary level in Singapore. However, simple concepts of Physics have already been taught in General Science in primary schools in Singapore.

Physics vs other subjects?

Compared to other science electives like Biology or Chemistry which involves lots of memory work, Physics involves abstract ideas and logical concepts which a superb memory does not help much. It requires logical understanding and a good foundation in Maths in order to do well.

Even so, Singapore students are often left baffled if certain key ideas are not explained in depth. This does entail Physics teachers in school to be patient in guiding students in the subject. However, with the large class sizes in school, it is difficult for teachers to manage the teaching of Physics as there is a diversity of learning capability amongst students and the limited time allocated for the subject results in students not being able to have a good foundation, albeit it is not the teachers’ fault.

How crucial is Physics tuition?

This is where Physics tuition comes into play in Singapore. With the emphasis still on the sciences in Singapore, students may find themselves having to take up Physics regardless of their interest and aptitude in the subject. This is further exacerbated by the current dynamics in schools and students have no choice but to seek external help. One of the most straightforward answers will be Physics tuition, either in individual or group classes.

We understand that with the ever increasing workload of students, spending their valuable time outside of school on academic learning makes it even more difficult for Singapore students to achieve the desired study-life balance.

That idea of students excelling in their Physics examinations while still having time for themselves have culminated in the founding of our company, The Physics Lab. We strive to make learning of Physics during our lessons enjoyable and interesting with our unique curriculum and interactiveness of the tutors. This makes Physics tuition at our classes less dry but more informal. We also have progressive trackers to ensure that students are advancing in the syllabus that are in line with their school to ensure that standards are still sustained.

Future horizon regarding Physics tuition

Knowing that Physics tuition will be on the rise due to the growing demands, we still keep our class to a comfortable size so that our Physics tutors are able to still streamline and adjust according to the learning pace of the students. This will ultimately ensure a win-win situation where students can learn effectively in an enjoyable manner.