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How to Prepare An Effective Physics Exam Study Plan

By May 1, 2021October 13th, 2021Physics Tuition Classes

Like any subjects, one can only get better with Physics if sufficient amount of work and effort is put into learning the subject. Physics is definitely one of those subjects where last minute preparation does not work at all since there are a lot of conceptual theories that build on one another and students are required to understand earlier topics in order for newer topics to make sense.

Therefore, students have to continuously go over what was being taught in class as well as the different answering methodologies to questions in order to score in their exams.

Mistakes to avoid during Physics studies

Students who do not commit to understand a Physics topic thoroughly will likely be struggling with the later content down the road and this will only pile up and become a big mess for students. One way to avoid this is to always finish and submit your school homework as you will get adequate practice and also find out your mistakes when receiving your marked assignments so that you know how to improve and strengthen your foundation in Physics. Some questions are also designed to test you on a couple of topics at one go so you will have to rely on your regular revision of the textbook and notes to attempt such questions smoothly. Physics tuition does provide an edge because it is a platform for students to put in the revision hours consistently week by week so that the relevant content remains fresh in their minds.

Here is a straightforward to-do list that students can easily manage:

  • Ensure that any doubts are being resolved in current topic before moving on (Physics tuition can help in this)
  • Always complete school homework, assignments and any practice papers provided
  • Spent some time to review previous topics from time to time to refresh your understanding

Things to take note before your Physics exams

As your Physics exam draws near, it will be even more critical that you have an effective study plan in order to do well. Here are some of the possible ideas that you can incorporate into your Physics study plan:

  • Frequent revision has to be done for the entire duration of your school semester, not only prior to your exam
  • Begin a rigorous schedule to study all the topics at least 3 months prior to your finals or national exam like O or A levels. If you are sitting for your mid year exams, you can set the start date for your revision to approximately 1.5 months before the actual exam since you have lesser topics to cover. You may either revise through the subject by breaking up into individual topics or you may attempt past year papers so that you have a feel of the weaker topics which you can place greater emphasis on. Always make sure to provide yourself with sufficient amount of time for each topic and avoid skipping entire topics even if you are already well-versed in them
  • In the run-up to a national exam, always make use of your Physics teachers or tutors to have your questions or doubts resolved. You should also have started on past year practice papers 3 months before the actual exams to become familiar with the kind of questions that may appear.
  • Have a study buddy with you so that you can motivate and encourage each other along the way. A study buddy can also help to reduce some of the stress as you can enjoy each other’s company during breaks in between.