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Is Your Child In Need of Physics Tuition?

By May 7, 2021October 13th, 2021Physics Tuition Classes

As school hours get shorter, Physics tuition is becoming more sought after by parents in Singapore. Students who have a natural inclination towards subjects that relies on logical thinking will fare better at Physics but generally speaking, there have been a growing number of students who face difficulty grappling with the content taught in school.Here are some of the distinguishing points to determine if your child requires Physics tuition lessons.

(A) The content for Physics syllabus is always being revised yet Physics exams are becoming more difficult 

Our Education Ministry is always revising the content of what is to be taught in school and Physics is no exception. Over the recent years, schools have seen a change in direction that deviates away from pure academics and a greater focus is placed on holistic education. This change, coupled with more application based questions which requires more thinking-out-of-the-box, has led to students scratching their heads as they grapple with more difficult questions that are appearing more often.

As the Physics syllabus and exams are becoming more taxing, parents may have no choice but to resort to sending their child to Physics tuition lessons in order to provide them additional guidance to keep up with the content covered in school and not let the backlog pile up. Physics tuition is designed to help students learn about Physics in a methodological approach as the different topics are being covered over the course of their studies. A good Physics tutor is able to identify a student’s area of weakness and select suitable questions of the appropriate difficult for students to receive ample practice and get stronger at the subject. Physics tuition is also supposed to impart students with simple but effective tips and tricks for their exams.

(B) Building up stable Physics fundamentals as early as possible 

There are many heavy topics in Physics that will require students to invest adequate amount of time to slowly learn and absorb which is why it is essential that a stable Physics foundation is key for students to not fall behind as more topics are being introduced along the way. Experienced tutors are able to swiftly recognise the fundamental flaws in a student and take the necessary actions to cover up these flaws. However, it is important to note that the later a student starts on Physics tuition, the more holes the tutor will have to spot and rectify for the student and finding such tutors are akin to finding a needle in a haystack as only the best Physics tutors are able to save students from a mountain of backlog content.

(C) Getting ready for lessons before every new Physics topic

Certain students like to make use of Physics tuition as a means to familiarise themselves with new topics that have not been covered in class so that they can maximise their learning in school. This may not be ideal in a typical group tuition class as it really depends on the pace of the lessons. Some classes may consist of students who are falling behind in syllabus and therefore the pace of the lessons will be adjusted to help students brush up on topics that have been covered in schools already. Students who expect to cover new Physics during their Physics tuition lessons will have to be careful when choosing the relevant tuition centres.

There are some fast-track classes that are designed to accelerate the pace of learning so that students are ahead of the school curriculum. If not, an alternative will be to hire a private Physics tutor to conduct 1-1 lessons so that students have a say in the pace of the lessons.

(D) A means to help students get ready for their Physics exams

As the exam period draws near, the emphasis is to help students get prepared for their exams. School teachers have big classes of 30-40 students on average and that makes it hard for teachers to give dedicated time and focus to address each and every student’s questions and doubts. In addition, some students may feel embarrassed to ask questions in front of their classmates for fear of being made fun of the “stupid” questions. Physics tuition on the other hand, provides a conducive atmosphere where students do not have to vie for a teacher’s attention as much compared to their normal school lessons. They may also seek out their Physics tutors after lessons in person or via messaging apps to get their questions answered and resolved. Therefore, Physics tuition is a great avenue for students to maximise their time and efforts in preparation for their exams.