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Hand Picking The Right Physics Tutor

By April 17, 2021October 13th, 2021Home Tuition, Physics Tuition Classes

There are no lack of Physics tutors in Singapore but choosing a suitable tutor that may be an uphill task as some tutors may not be a good fit for your child. Here are some criteria to look out for when you decide to employ a tutor for your child.

Getting your child’s acknowledgement when looking out for Physics tutoring services

Speak to your child about the reasons for employing a tutor for him/her. Getting your child to buy into the idea of having a Physics tutor is the first step towards helping your child study for the subject because you do not want your child to develop resistance towards tuition and become disinterested in the subject. Be patient with your child to explain the need for Physics tuition and also let your child try to justify himself/herself in why he or she does not think it is necessary so that your child will feel like he/she was listened to.

Decide the Appropriate Physics Tutoring Service

Some children respond better in group tuition classes while others fare better with 1-1 private home tutoring. Again, try to speak to your child about the concerns for the subject itself and evaluate which tutoring service is more suitable to meet your child’s needs. Home tutoring tend to be more expensive but having said that, forking out a bit more to see a disproportionate improvement of grades is something that no parent will mind.

Seek out Recommendations from Physics school teachers or fellow parents

Parents may consult with their friends or relatives to seek for suitable recommendations of tutors especially if they also have children of a similar age group. Besides that, parents may also approach other parents on parenting forums or platforms to ask for recommendations. There are also tuition agency websites for parents to cross reference and compare the tuition rates and the types of tutors being offered. Take your time to look through all the available sources before deciding on a possible suitable tutor for your child.

Verify the Physics Tutor’s Credentials 

Always remember to check the credentials of tutors and never be shy about it. Some of the criteria that you may want to keep in mind include the number of years of teaching, the highest qualifications that the tutor possesses, whether the tutor has attended any courses on teaching and education and the number of classes the tutor is teaching at the current moment. That will give you an idea on how experienced tutor is on the subject as well as the effectiveness of the lessons. Take note of the tone of voice if it is a phone conversation or the speech and mannerisms if communicating in person to size up the tutor as well.

Review the Physics Tutor’s Record

Not all tutors will keep a record but for those who do, you may request for records of their past students’ academic performance for Physics to determine the effectiveness of teachings. How much has students improved since they started with the tutor and how well they scored in their O or A levels will help parents evaluate the tutor better before hiring them.

Request for Performance Evaluation Reports of  the Prospective Physics Tutor

You may also enquire about your child’s progress or the upcoming lesson plan from the tutor to understand how well your child has progressed with the tutor. You may also put in a request to have it in written form so that you can better keep track of your child’s development in the subject. It is also the onus of parents to cooperate with tutors to ensure tuition homework is completed on time.