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Physics Tuition Singapore

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11th June Update: Face-to-Face Classes Resume On 21st June ― Students & Parents, as you may know, we will be resuming face-to-face classes from 21st June, 2021. Students who still prefer to continue online classes may choose from our many online class timings (1/2 of all our classes are now conducted online). Despite all the changes, we remain committed to ensuring you do not fall behind the syllabus. And we thank you for your patience during this period. ― The Physics Lab Team

Welcome to The Physics Lab – The Learning Hub for Secondary and JC Physics

At The Physics Lab, we take every student’s learning of the subject very seriously. That is why we constantly (1) are on the lookout for the best Physics teachers (2) research and develop easily comprehensible notes and materials (3) formulate a comprehensive study plan for students. We rigorously interview every teacher that comes on board with us to ensure top quality teaching and have a committee that regularly scrutinise and revise our learning materials that is in line with the most updated curriculum. This allows our students to not only acquire a keen interest for Physics, but also to excel in their examinations.

We only offer the niche subject of Physics to our prospective students because we believe that every student should receive the utmost dedication from our highly specialised tutors. We devote our time and effort on helping students to learn and master Physics. That is how our students are able to excel in their Physics papers year after year.

  • 7.3 / 10 of our O-level students obtained a distinction (2020) 
  • 4.8 / 10 of our A-level students got an ‘A’ (2020)
  • All our Teachers are full-time, many are 1st Class Graduates (ask for our Certs)
  • Our Syllabus follows the MOE syllabus exaclty 
  • Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs & Tablets for visualizations
  • Get access to a full library of practice papers from top schools 

Ever since our inception of the company in 2002, we have rapidly expanded our centres all over Singapore, where students can gain easy access to our tutors at their convenience. With our unique teaching approach to make lessons interesting and enjoyable, we seek to provide one of the best Physics tuition experiences in Singapore.

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    Welcome to The Maths Lab ― The Learning Hub for Primary, Secondary, and JC Maths

    Your Maths education is important to us. That’s why we continually (1) seek the best Maths teachers, (2) created a Syllabus Committee, and (3) source for materials from top schools.

    Our teachers go to extensive efforts to make academic resources readily available to our students. So that when our students go for the Maths exams, we have quiet confidence in their ability to outperform their peers.

    Unlike other tuition centers, we have chosen to focus only on Mathematics because we believe it is where our core strength lies. We focus all resources on perfecting the Maths paper. This is why our students continue to ace the exams every year.

    • 72% of PSLE students got A* or A 
    • 7 / 10 of O-level students got a distinction (2020) 
    • 5 / 10 of A-level students got ‘A’ (2020)
    • We hire only full-time teachers, many are 1st Class Honours (ask for our certs)
    • Our Syllabus aligns with MOE 
    • Classrooms have HDTVs & Tablets 
    • We have a full library of practice papers from top schools 

    Since starting in 2002, we now have 7 branches around Singapore, with thousands of students learning with us. We promise to continue bringing you one of the most effective & engaging maths learning experience in Singapore. 

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    Group Classes

    Centre Classes

    We conduct Physics group classes at our centres for both upper Secondary and JC school students. We offer two kinds of classes, the Standard Classes & Practice Classes at all levels. We also organise Physics Intensive Workshops during the school holidays for weaker students to catch up with the syllabus.

    Centre Classes

    Home Tuition Classes

    Hear more about our Home Tuition classes! Our tutors also offer customised 1-1 lessons at the comfort of your home. They are well trained to tailor the lessons to suit each student’s individual needs so that students are able to learn effectively. All tuition materials will be also provided.

    Home Tuition

    Online Classes

    For tech-savvy students, students are able to logon to their computers or iPads at home for Online Classes with our tutors. We will guide you step by step for the setting up of lessons and digital copies of materials will be delivered via email or cloud services such as Google Drive.

    Online Classes

    Group Classes

    We have Maths classes for all Primary, Secondary, and JC levels. For each level, we have two main types of classes, the smaller Intensive class & the larger Standard classes. We also have specialised Holiday Programmes & Remedial Classes for weaker students to catch up.

    Group Classes

    1-1 Classes   (Home Tuition)

    Our 1-1 Classes may be conducted either at (1) our Centre or as (2) Home tuition. Our teachers are highly experienced, and many are scholarship recipients themselves. 1-1 Classes are taught based on our Intensive Syllabus, and all required materials will be provided.

    1-1 Classes

    Online Classes

    Our Online Tuition allows students to have lessons right from their own home computer. We will walk you through the computer set-up process, and all required mateirals will be sent to you before the class starts. At the scheduled class time, simply turn on your computer and start your video-conference class with us.

    Online Classes

    1-to-1 Class

    Our Branch Locations

    • Kovan Central Branch: 203 Hougang St 21, #01-83, Singapore 530203
    • Bt. Timah Branch: 4 Queen’s Road #02-121, Singapore 260004
    • Ang Mo Kio Branch: 163 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560163
    • Potong Pasir Branch: 12 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347846
    • Jurong Kechil Branch: 50 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598582
    • Note: Some of our branches currently only offer Online Learning.

    For more information, click the Whatsapp Icon to speak with us. Or call 6475-0624.

    Online Classes

    Our Credentials

    Our tutors at The Physics Lab pride ourselves in the quality of our teachings and materials. Most of us possess a first class Honours or postgraduate degree from renowned universities which speaks for itself. We also understand that just being competent in achieving good results in school do not necessarily equate to good teaching on our tutors’ part.

    To align with our vision, we ensure that each tutor is screened carefully under our stringent hiring guidelines. This allows us to build a team of teachers who are able to impart their wealth of knowledge and understanding to students successfully.

    Our Story

    2020 O-Level & A-level Results

    53% of A-level students obtained a distinction
    72% of O-level students scored an A1 or A2
    *Figures only apply to students studying with us the entire academic year

    8/10 of all students improved their grades from the previous year
    (Statistic does not include students already obtaining distinctions)

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    MOE-Registered Teachers

    Many of our teachers are registered with the Ministry of Education. Being MOE-registered will mean that that our teachers have been cleared by MOE as being an individual with proper ethics and morals and with no previous encounters with the law. This is usually achieved by submission of A-level results and university transcripts on the tutor’s part and strict background checks by MOE.

    Many parents have provided feedback that this additional credential gives them a peace of mind, knowing that our tutors are trustworthy and professional when they hand off their children to them.

    Small Class Sizes

    Small class sizes are important to us. As educators, we understand the importance of engaging students in class. With small classes, we achieve better student participation & engagement.  Our teaching plan can also be easily adjusted to cater to specific students in a small class. As such, we always keep our classes small and productive.

    Small Class Sizes

    Student-to-teacher ratios are important to us. Studies show that smaller class sizes correlate with better student participation & interaction.  Lesson plans can also be tailored to better meet the needs of individual students. This is why we keep our classes small and cohesive.

    Comprehensive Materials

    On top of teaching, an equally important aspect to help students to progress is the quality of learning materials and notes. Standardisation of handouts and notes is the hallmark of our value proposition that helps to maintain the high quality of our lessons. This is achieved through the review of latest past year papers and school notes from top schools, as well as the compilation of a variety of questions with different difficulty levels for practice.

    Conducive Classrooms

    All rooms are set to 23 deg C for productive learning
    Classrooms are fitted with HDTVs and projector screens for visualisations
    Our desks are corporate-styled conference tables with pine-wood trimings

    Conducive Classrooms

    Class air-conditioning is set to 23 deg C for a conducive learning environment. Our teachers make use of HDTVs and projector screens to help student visualise problems onscreen. Our tables are corporate-styled conference tables with pine-wood trimings.

    An Extensive Curriculum ― With Step-By-Step Exam Preparation

    With our students in mind, we have carefully crafted a unique curriculum that stands out in the tuition industry.  We want our students to reap the maximum results with what available time that they have in their busy timetable. The syllabus that we have created will allow students to excel in their school examinations once they are enrolled in our classes.

    There are many abstract ideas and concepts in the subject of Physics that may make students confused and not be able to relate to them. However, with our step-by-step guidance to break down these concepts into bite-sized pieces, students will have an easier time to incorporate our teachings for the examinations.

    Corporate Responsibility

    We collaborated with NGOs & MOE to give subsidised tuition classes for students in lower-income families. We conduct the tuition at MOE schools. In doing so, we seek to do our part for the Singaporean community.

    Corporate Responsibility

    We have collaborated with NGOs & the MOE to provide subsidised tuition for students from lower-income families. We conduct these classes at MOE schools on weekends. We hope to do our small part for the Singapore community.

    Why Doing Well In Physics Is Important

    From upper secondary school, Physics is offered as one of the key science subjects in mainstream schools in Singapore, whether is it Pure or Combined Physics. It is one of the prerequisites for many majors in University, especially those that are Engineering related.

    With a strong foundation in Physics, students can go on to appreciate how Physics can be applied in the real world, such as sports application, the various kinds of constructions around Singapore, the advancement of technology and even something as simple as switching of lights on and off. Students who eventually choose science over the humanities stream in secondary schools will no doubt have to develop a good foundation on Physics early on so that they do not struggle in JC or at university level as the difficulty and scope of the subject increases.

    Our Physics tutors at The Physics Lab have been trained to simplify complex concepts using heuristic techniques and model representations for each chapter so that students have an easier time in class and in answering examination papers. In addition, we showcase the relationship between Physics concepts and real life applications to inculcate an appreciation for the subject so that they develop a genuine and keen interest in the subject and not just rely on the memory work. This will help students achieve the desired results at the end of the day.

    Class Chats

    We have established an online chat function for our students and teachers to communicate. Our teachers often host Q&A sessions for students, especially for difficult topics. If you require an answer to your question, feel free to hop on to our discussion chats!

    SuperTeen Programme

    We want the best for our students beyond just achieving excellent results in their exams. That is why we try to inspire students to adopt a self-improvement mindset by disseminating a series of self-help books for free!

    Online Feedback

    Get in touch with our tutors on a daily basis! Students can now take a snapshot of their work and send it via Whatsapp or Email to our teachers for prompt review and feedback. Our teachers will get back to you within 24 hours while you can go on with your daily activities without a fuss.

    Helping Needy Students

    We envision equal education amongst all students. That is why we have come up with a initiative to help students with financial difficulties so as to bring out the best in them.

    Take-Home Practices

    We emphasize that practice makes perfect. For each student, we provide sufficient practice questions for student to handle as homework each week.  Our practice problems are progressive and helps to ensure the continuous improvement of our students in the curriculum.

    Getting to University

    Our end goal is to ensure that students are able to enter university with a smile on their faces. Seeing our students embark on another journey is always a sentimental moment. We are lucky that students still keep in touch with our tutors and their tuition friends even after their journey ends with us.

    Recipe for success

    Every child learns at a different pace. We recognise this fact and help our students of all levels to excel using our unique teaching techniques. Our teachers are experienced in keeping a look out for any stumbling blocks and will provide each child with the attention that they require.

    Confidence is key

    We know that confidence is essential to the development of a child’s learning. Consider that a classic classroom setting in school involves an average of 40 students all equally vying for a teacher’s attention. Our teachers at The Physics Lab, on the other hand, ensure that every student receives individual attention due to our small class size of 5-10 students.

    Progressive Lessons

    Our classes are designed to aid students to progress to a higher competency level. We do that with step-by-step guidance for your child in an easy and manageable way.

    Guide to Exams

    Rest assured that we have compiled quality materials and teachers to help your children unleash their full potential.

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